Sanding floorboards & parquet in Berlin

Since 1999 we offer the following services in Berlin: 


Video how to sand floorboards.

We sand and lay floors in Berlin:

  • floorboards
  • Parquet, mosaic parquet, herringbone parquet
  • Engineered flooring, laminate
  • Vertical laminated
  • Stairs

We seal ecologically consistently for a healthy living environment:

  • Mapei acrylic water-based paint
  • Dielendesign hard oil + wax
  • Oil paint Le Tonkinois Parquete
  • Auro, Leino, Aglaia, Faxe or on request

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Consistently ecological.

Dielen Parkett schleifen Berlin

Price calculator for sanding floorboards and parquet

Sanding of

Squaremeter___: Floorboard with paint (Ochsenblut)

Squaremeter___: Floorboard with old sealing

Squaremeter___: Floorboard, new

Squaremeter___: Parquet

Squaremeter___: Industrial floor

Number_______: Stairs / Tread

Number_______: Stairs / Tread and Riser

Sealing of

Squaremeter___: Acrylic waterbased paint, satin

Squaremeter___: Acrylic waterbased paint, highpolish

Squaremeter___: Hard oil

Squaremeter___: Hard oil + Wax

Squaremeter___: Le Tonkinois, satin

Squaremeter___: Le Tonkinois, highpolish

Addition jobs

Squaremeter___: cleaning floorboard gaps

Squaremeter___: filling nails holes

Number_______: small doors sills

Number_______: big door sills

Number_______: Replace oven corner with new floorboards

Number_______: Replace oven corner with old floorboards

Number_______: Replace oven corner with parquet

Price € (without taxes)

Floor Sander Hire Berlin

Do you want to sand your floorboards or parquet by yourself?

We provide floor sanding machines in Berlin.

Floor Sander Hire Berlin
Floor Sander Hire Berlin

Sander set 1

Floor sanding machine, edger, industrial safety (hearing protection, knee pads, goggles), accessories (cables, chisels, locking bolt) in combination of sanding paper and seal (lacquer or oil).


15 € per day 25 € the weekend (Friday to Monday).


Video: Rental of floor sanding machines in Berlin

Calculator for the rental of sanding machines

Squaremeter: Floorboards with red paint (Ochsenblut)

Squaremeter: Floorboards with old seal

Squaremeter: Floorboards, new

Squaremeter: Parquet

Price about € (Rental of sander set 1, sanding paper, Paint or oil)


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